V 1.0 of the GDL metadata and Accessibility guidelines

In the initial stages of the GDL project, we have defined a common set of metadata. This will ensure quality and allow for the GDL platform to present resources with a consistent set of metadata. At the same time, it will make it easier and more predictable for projects that want to contribute by adding their resources to the GDL collection.  

If all GDL content is described in a consistent and uniform manner, our searches will return more relevant results, and it will become easier for users to find the exact educational resources they need at the precise moment they need them.

The Global Digital Library metadata is based on the LRMI Specification Version 1.1. In furtherance of its goal of interoperating with other specifications, the LRMI project has been inspired by other projects with similar visions.

The updated version of the GDL common metadata, file format and CC license.

File formats

There are two preferred document and file formats for the different types of e-books and content (storybooks, textbooks, etc) and other resources that are committed to the GDL platform:

In addition, we ask for a print-ready version in PDF (PDF 1.4 – 1.7). All text needs to be encoded in UTF-8. This includes both metadata and textual content.

Accessibility guidelines

All digital content shall conform to common accessibility guidelines (e.g. EPUB Accessibility 1.0, EPUB 3 Accessibility Guidelines, and Top Tips for Creating Accessible EPUB3 Files)

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