Translation step by step

Getting started with translation on the GDL

1. When you have found the book you would like to translate klick “Translate this book”.

2. You will then be asked to log in, using Facebook or Google.

3. After you have signed in you chose the language you would like to translate into

You select a language by clicking the “Select language” button.

4. Initiate translation

After you have selected your language, click “Prepare translation”. The button will turn blue and you click “start translation”.

You will then be prompted with two options:

  1. Select “Translate in context” if you are using a computer or large tablet.
  2. Select “Mobile translation” if you are using a small tablet or mobile(if your computer has a small screen use this option).

5. Log in or create an account on the translation platform(Crowdin)

You now will sign in on the translation platform(Crowdin) or you can create a new account. You can create a new account using one of your social media accounts(Facebook, Google or Twitter).

6. Start translation

After you have signed into the translation platform you are ready to start translating. You will now be on the first page of the book that you have chosen to translate.


To start translating the text on the page click on the icon at the top left corner of the text:

You will then be in the translation workspace. Use the following procedure to translate one page and move to the next:

  • The original text on the top
  • You fill in your translation in “Enter translation here” and click “Save”
  • If there is more than one line of text on the page you will do the same for all sentences.
  • When you have finished translating one page, close the translation workspace by clicking the “x”.
  • Move the next page by clicking the arrow on the far right in the page navigation.
  • Start translating the next page by clicking the icon at the top left.

7. Close the book and review your translation in “my translations”

When finishing your translation close the book. That will bring you to “My translation”.  All your translations will be listed in this section.

  • Click “sync” to update the last translations you just made
  • Click “translate” to start translating the book
  • Click the cover photo on the top left to open the book


8. Share your translation

Your translation will not automatically be published for public use on the GDL, but you can use it and you can share it with family, colleges and friends. When you open your new translation, you can share the book by clicking the “share icon” in the menu bar at the top right.


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