Share your content

The GDL will collect existing high quality open educational reading resources, and make them available on the web, mobile and for print. It will also facilitate translation and localization of these resources to more than 300 languages.

If your organization is developing reading resources in your project you can contribute by committing your content to the GDL.

You can simply follow these five steps to share your content on the GDL platform:
1. Be sure that you own the rights to your content or that the content is reused under a free license. This is important and pertains to both text and illustrations.
2. Release your content under a free license, like Creative Commons. This will allow others to reuse and translate your books into new languages.
3. Publish your books in EPUB or HTML format to ensure that the books can be imported into the GDL platform.
4. Add basic metadata to your books, this will make it easy for others to find your resources.
5. Be sure that the content is developed accessible to all.

For more technical information.


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