Invitation to translation book sprint in Nairobi

Invitation to translation book sprint in Nairobi

Time: October 30 at 9pm – 15pm

Location: Nairobi

Languages: Kikamba, Ekegusii, Oluwanga and Lubukusu.

In collaboration with the Global Book Alliance and the Global Digital Library, we are organising a workshop books sprint to increase the number of high quality reading books in underserved languages. Our focus will be to translate simple books for children. This means that YOU can translate one book into a new language by donating one hour of your time.

We are looking for volunteers that speak local Kenyan languages. You can join the event remotely via Hangout or Skype. 

This is a great way for you and your friends to contribute to new reading books in your native language.

This event in Nairobi is part of a global translation book sprint week organised as a collaboration between the Global Book Alliance, Global Digital Library and African Storybook Project.

For more information and updates,

If you want to organize your own translation event, read more about how to get started here.


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